‘Alone, but not lonely’ T-shirt (Second - Light Grey)

Being alone doesn’t always mean you’re lonely


If you’re a fan of alone time, wear it proudly with this second hand -shirt (every shirt is pre-loved so it may not look brand new).

What are seconds? Seconds are thrifted shirts that may have a small defect. A small stain or a small hole. These minor defects don’t impact the wearability of the garment, but instead of throwing it away, it is sold at a discount.

Why thrifted shirts? Sustainability is important here at fandapress, instead of purchasing new shirts to make merchandise (and possibly add to the landfills) I wanted to give thrifted shirts a new life which helps keep waste out of the landfills for a little bit. Look & feel great. Every shirt is handpicked, washed and silk screened by hand (by yours truly, of course).

Care instructions: 1) Washing inside out in cold water 2) Hang to dry 3) Iron on lower setting 4) Do not iron directly over the image